Independent Proclaim Programmer

Experts in Eclipse Proclaim development, customisation and third party integration.

Custom Workflow Development

We can help design and build the perfect casetype for your business either from the ground up, or tailor an existing casetype to meet your needs.

Management Reports / Business Intelligence

If you need to improve oversight of your caseloads, improve exception reporting or create self-service KPI dashboards for your management team, we can help design and build elegant solutions that are more robust than the built-in Proclaim reporting tools.

Third Party Integrations

If you want Proclaim to interact with an external webservice, or have other in-house software you want to tie into Proclaim, we can design and build an elegant solution. We specialise in difficult integrations to services that do not have a Proclaim-Compatible API.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Advice

Do you know how to backup and restore your Proclaim infrastructure? Do you need more protection than just nightly backups? How does this tie in to your corporate BC/DR plan? Let us assist with ensuring your Proclaim system is covered to the level you need.

Infrastructure and Database optimisation

If Proclaim is running slow for you, or certain processes are taking up too much of your staff time, we can help pinpoint performance bottlenecks and suggest hardware, configuration or process improvements to improve productivity.

Temporary Contract Cover

If you have a large development project that requires short-term manpower, or want holiday cover for your dev team, give us a call. With our experience of many casetypes and industry sectors we can hit the ground running in a short amount of time.



With over 20 years in senior IT Managerial roles, and over 15 years' dedicated Proclaim case management developer experience across a broad range of Legal Service industries, I can develop solutions to complex workflow problems and advise on all aspects of your Proclaim infrastructure.
Fluent in full-stack programming languages, I apply these skills to solve custom integration problems and Management Reporting projects beyond the technical abilities of other developers.


  •   +44 (0)1631 720114
  •   Cluan, Benderloch, Oban PA37 1QS


Please give us a call on 01631 720114 for a free discussion about your requirements.